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New installations are a large part of the work at Tyburski's Electrical Services, both in residential and commercial settings. Because large appliances, heavy machinery, and other expensive devices can have specific needs, having a professional electrician on hand for the installation process can be a huge benefit. We can easily deal with nontraditional wiring setups as well as running direct lines to your electrical panel for dedicated power situations. While we are capable of handling nearly any electrical installation, the following are some of our more common requests:

  • Ceiling Fans Installation

  • Washers/Dryers Installation

  • Air Conditioning Units Installation

  • Lighting Fixtures Installation

  • Water Heaters Installation

  • Electrical Heaters Installation

  • Home Technology and Media Devices Installation

  • Home Automation Units Installation

  • Thermostat Controls Installation

  • Surge Protection Installation

  • Workshop Tools Installation

  • New Appliance Installation


Because many of these installations involve valuable (and expensive) appliances and devices, many residential and commercial customers in Pitt and Surrounding county area prefer to have a professional installation to protect their investment.

Our new electrical installations are completed with only the highest quality materials and you don't have to worry that we will leave a scarred wall when we leave. We handle all of the cleanup and after the installation is complete, you'll see no signs that we were even present.

If you have an upcoming installation and don't see it listed here, call Tyburski's Electrical Services to find out how we can help.

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