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Contrary to popular belief, a hot water heater is not only about being able to take warm showers. While the exact setup may differ from property to property, a water heater can take on a variety of functions, such as providing heat through radiators, delivering hot water to your washing machine, and many more. When your water heater starts to struggle against the demand, Tyburski's Electrical Services will send out a trained technician to identify the problem and fix it.


Services include:

  • Electric Water Heater Repairs

  • Water Heater Maintenance

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Storage Tanks

For many, upgrading a property's water heater can make a great deal of sense. Even though top models are designed to last upwards of 15 years or more, the truth is that new advanced ones can save considerably on your utility bills. At Tyburski's Electrical Services, we're well-acquainted with a vast array of both old and new water heaters and can provide the right advice about whether it's better to service your existing model or go for an upgrade.

As a community resource in Pitt and Surrounding county area, Tyburski's Electrical Services provides quality hot water services. Call us to find out more about our hot water services.

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